Jean and Jorts Commentary

Like many people I got sucked into the whole Jean and Jorts human resources thread on Twitter. If you haven’t seen it, you can search the AITA threads or else go right to @Jortsthecat and search.

Jorts is a big, sweet, orange boy who isn’t very smart. Jean is a very smart torti. And apparently one of the new staff members was making it her business to make sure Jorts learned things, except of course we all know that big orange cats who aren’t very smart aren’t likely to change that any time soon. Jorts also wasn’t grooming himself very well so this employee started putting margarine on him to get him to groom himself better forcing HR to tell her that she is not to put margarine on her coworkers.

–as an aside, it didn’t work. Jorts continued to not be good about grooming himself, however Jean was apparently interested in the margarine and had quite a bout of diarrhea and needed to be taken to the vet. Do not put margarine or butter on your cat unless directed to by a veterinarian (and it is unlikely that they will direct you to do that but having worked in healthcare for much of my life, I feel compelled to add this disclaimer).

I’m still laughing about this thread and it made me wonder why I, and thousands of other Twitter users are so enamored of Jorts.

I think it’s because the vast majority of us have had a cat like Jorts who’s just the biggest sweetheart in the world but is not very bright. And I kind of want to find the business this cat works in and give him a big hug and tell him that he’s loved just because. And my big, not so very bright cat, Ichiro is sitting here purring away on my desk. I think he approves–because really, when they talk about Jorts I can see Ichiro doing all those things. In fact, when it comes to not figuring out doors, he does it on a daily basis.

Instead of teaching him to use doors as someone attempted to do with Jorts, we got a bunch of door pinch guards that keep the doors from closing all the way. So long as they aren’t latched, Ham enjoys the challenge of opening them. Probably not unlike Jean.

Though I have to admit, finding that Ham is the smart one of this pair is kind of disconcerting.

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