About Bonnie Elizabeth

Bonnie Elizabeth could never decide what to do, so she wrote stories about amazing things and sometimes she even finished them.

While rejection stung her so badly in person, she spent most of her young life talking to cats and dogs rather than people, she was unusually resilient when it came to rejections on her writing, racking up a good number of them.

Floating through a variety of jobs, including veterinary receptionist, cemetery administrator, and finally acupuncturist, she continued to write stories.

When the internet came along (yes, she’s old), she started blogging as her cat, because we all know cats don’t notice rejection. Then she started publishing.

Bonnie writes in a variety of genres. Her popular Whisper series is contemporary fantasy and her Teenage Fairy Godmother series is written for teens. She has published in a number of anthologies and is working on expanding her writing repertoire.

She lives with her husband (who talks less than she does) and her three cats, who always talk back.

You can find out more about her books at her publisher, My Big Fat Orange Cat Publishing.

Currently she has the following titles out:

Whisper Novels

  • Whisper Bound
  • Taken by the Sound
  • An Air of Suspicion
  • Little Dog Lost
  • Death Interrupted
  • Down in Whisper
  • A Haunting Whisper
  • A Haunting Attraction
  • Secrets Not Whispers
  • Only Human

Whisper Omnibus edition

  • The Whisper Series Begins
  • The Whisper Series Continues

Teenage Fairy Godmother Series

  • One Bad Wish
  • Sun Spot Magic

Ash Jericho Mysteries

  • An Inheritance to Die For
  • A Discovery to Die For
  • A Distraction to Die For

The Frost Witch Saga

  • October Snow
  • November Frost
  • December Storm

Appalachian Souls Series

  • Souls Lost
  • Souls Broken

Familiar Cafe Series

  • Unfamiliar Magic
  • Unfair Magic

The Haunted Hotel Series

The Ghost in My Hotel

Afternoon Gothics Series

  • Ghosts from the Past
  • Unnatural Secrets
  • Shadows of Solstice

Other Novels

  • The Haunting of Steely Woods


  • The Darklight Detectives
  • Holiday Hearts

Short Fiction:  Whisper

  • “Ghost Case” (previously published as “A Day without Rain”)
  • “Christmas Whispers”
  • “Radioactive Magic”

Short Fiction

  • “Pride in Exile”
  • “Scope of Practice” A Cecelia Song Short Mystery
  • “The Burning”
  • “Familiar Trouble”
  • “Rescued from the Rain” (with her cat, Gemini)
  • “Dead Surprise”
  • “The Spyglass”
  • “Granny Justice”
  • “Man in Shades Of Beige”
  • “Poison Paw”
  • “What’s Left of Me”
  • “Cecelia’s Gift” A Cecelia Song Short Mystery
  • “Dark Moon Ceremony”
  • “How I Became a Fairy Godmother” (A Teenage Fairy Godmother short story)
  • “Power Outage”
  • “The Watch Collar”
  • “A More Ancient Killer”
  • “Second Chance Dinner”

Fiction and articles in Anthologies and Magazines

  • “Gemini: Rescued from the Rain” in Rescued
  • “What’s Left of Me” in Fiction River: Last Stand
  • “Power Outage” in Fiction River: Feel the Fear
  • “How I Became a Fairy Godmother” in Fiction River: Wishes
  • “The Tomb of Arisel” in Fiction River: Pulse Pounders: Countdown
  • “A Crafty Affair” in WMG’s Holiday Spectacular.
  • “When Sea Dragons Fly” in Swords and Sorcery Magazine
  • “A More Ancient Killer” in Nightly Bites Vol. 3
  • “Second Chance Dinner” in Year of the Cat: Cat of Romantic Soul
  • “The Man Who Married His Wife’s Thigh” in Pulphouse #13
  • “Surviving” in Wandering Monsters: Boundary Shock Quarterly #16
  • “…Gardening” in Crime And (Blaze Ward Presents Book 5)
  • “A Dragon for Christmas” in Christmas Whimsy
  • “An Obsession of Peaches” in Eat, Drink, and Be Wary
  • “The Fairy Chase” in Crones

Non-fiction as Bonnie Elizabeth

  • Moving with Cats


  • “Familiar Trouble” in Witches Brew Bundle
  • “Christmas Whispers” in Very Merry Christmas Bundle
  • “Ghost Case” in Fantasy in the City Bundle
  • “Radioactive Magic” in Beneath the Waves Bundle
  • “Man in Shades of Beige” in Crimes, Capers and Rule Breakers Bundle
  • Whisper Bound in Watching the Detectives Bundle
  • “Familiar Trouble” in On Hallow’s Eve Bundle
  • “Christmas Whispers” in Christmas Tales Bundle
  • “Cecelia’s Gift” in The Very Mysterious Christmas Bundle
  • “Poison Paw” in the Fantastic Feline Heroes Bundle
  • “Familiar Trouble” in the Halloween Bundle
  • “Familiar Trouble” in Cat Tales #2 Bundle (part of the Cat Tales series of Bundles)

Reviews and Recommendations in:

Tangent Online reviewed “Power Outage”

Tangent Online reviewed “How I Became a Fairy Godmother”

Tangent Online reviewed “Tomb of Arisel”

AstroGuys reviewed Fiction River:Wishes and mentioned “How I Became a Fairy Godmother” in particular

Tangent Online’s Recommended Reading –“Tomb of Arisel”, no stars, “How I became of Fairy Godmother”, 1 star

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