Why do I Write?

Blaze Ward’s Indie Publishing made me start thinking about why I write. Not the why of, “I write because it’s what I do,” or “I write because I can’t not write,” both of which are true.

Rather it speaks to the heart of what I write into my stories. I’m not sure of the overarching themes of my stories, that one thing that keeps them together. Looking outside of writing, Apple does this very well. They stand for the individual and create innovative products to make the individual stand out from the crowd.

There’s an emotion attached to that as well as a why. It’s branding but it’s thinking about branding a bit differently.

I’m not sure about the overarching theme of my books. I suspect it has something to do with the idea that we are all connected, not just all humans but all sentient creatures and perhaps even the creatures we can’t see or don’t believe in. There’s a common thread and no one thing is all bad or all good. I don’t have a good way to express that yet, but I know I’m circling something important.

I’ll probably come back to this post at some point, to consider what it is that is the why I write.

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