What’s Happening August 2017

Currently I’m taking a covers workshop through WMG Publishing and working with Allyson Longueira on creating yet another new set of covers for the Whisper series. My eye opening AHA moment for the course so far has been realizing how much I hate the full body woman standing around looking tough. If I have to have a woman on the cover, I’d rather go for a facial closeup. I’ve found a few art pieces for Allyson to work her magic on and so far they haven’t been returned saying she can’t use them, so we’ll see what we get.

I’ve also learned that I’m kind of a font a junkie. Do neat things with your title font and I am likely to be drawn to your book.

For August, I’m working my way through Sun Spot Magic so I can get that off to my beta reader and see what breaks down in the book. ¬†With any luck I can get this to the editor by early October. Sun Spot Magic is another Teenage Fairy Godmother story that follows Willow Vaughn in her further adventures.

I have a short story to put up that will ultimately become part of my Fantastic Feline Heroes Bundle that will come out in January. But if you like my writing, you can get this story now, but I hope you’ll still want the Bundle as I’m excited by some of the authors who are willing to be part of it. Cat lovers should adore it.

I also had an idea for another Whisper story. It won’t be out this year but perhaps next year those of you who like Whisper will enjoy yet another trip to Whisper to see what Meg, Rain, and the group is up to now.

Of course, between now and a new Whisper story I have at least two other stories that aren’t Whisper related (or even series related) to come out. I hope that some of you will like those even though they aren’t Whisper.

And somewhere in here, I get to go on another vacation. Can you believe it?! I hope there’s time.

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