Weekly Reading #6

Having a seminar and then a vacation and then being sick put me quite behind. I’m trying to remember all that I read.

I quite enjoyed Street Justice, but Kris Nelscott, a pen name for Kristine Kathryn Rusch. I love Smokey Dalton. These are noir mysteries that you want to take slowly and savor. I read this over three or four evenings, eager to get back and read more but making myself go to bed so that I had more in the morning. I always want to read more but know that like too much alcohol, too much Smokey would leave me with a hangover the next week!

I also read Enemy Within written under the Kristine Kathryn Rusch name.  A very fun alternative history that made me want to look up things from the real history to see what she’d changed.

I found a new series by J.D Horn. It started with a book called The Line and I got the second book, The Source. The third book comes out in October and I’ll probably still want to read the rest of it. It was a fun book, easy to read but engaging. The characters were different enough that I didn’t feel it was just another urban fantasy redone. Considering the premise the ideas were well done and unique enough to be worth the read.

I read several other books that I got on sale. Most were not that memorable.

I read a couple of non-fiction books, one of which was by Matt Stone. Matt is 180 degree health because he’s contrary and I like that. I am too. If you’ve read every other diet book out there, add Matt’s. He’s sure to make you rethink everything you read in all the others. And yes I feel better eating more even if I’m fatter.

Upon getting home I started searching for some good books. One of the ones I found was Cold Comfort by Quentin Bates. It’s one of those Iceland detective novels. I’m disappointed in this one after such great reads with Arnalder Indridason. Bates doesn’t capture the setting of Iceland nearly was well. There are a few key phrases and moments in the book but this had too many characters that had too many name changes. I appreciated that Indridason keeps names consistent so that you don’t have to try and remember who was who under several different names, something that Bates is much less successful at.


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