Weekly Reading #29

I had a slow week this week. I started several books and discarded them. Mostly they were books I picked up in the library and didn’t realize that they were second or third books in a series. One was just not my cup of tea. The other had promise but it was too far along for me to enjoy it, but I may go back and search for the earlier versions.

I did read Erica Spindler’s Watch Me Die. This was another okay book. I figured out what was going on early on, although she did fool me because I didn’t think she would work the plot like she did. It’s an okay read, holding my interest and keeping me going even if I didn’t love the book.

I also puttered around reading the latest Matt Stone book called Food For Mood. I like Stone’s work because it always makes me think. He takes all those things everyone knows about food and turns them on their heads and points out contradictory studies. Good or bad, the fact that he’s willing to look at this stuff is interesting to me. I have taken some of his advice and done well with it. So I keep reading.

I also read Joey Lott’s Sleep. Stone often recommends Lott’s books and so I’ve read many of them. Again, interesting perspectives that aren’t often seen. Having been a healthcare provider, I find these things interesting and I read them. And these are pretty fast reads and not very expensive books. I don’t claim that either Stone or Lott are health gurus that should be followed without a second thought but their points are ones to ponder, especially if nothing else works.

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