Weekly Reading #28

So I got back into more reading. I started with The Secret Crown, another Payne and Jones book by Chris Kuzneski. I was more bothered by the poor banter and dialogue in this one than I was in the last one. Maybe they’re wearing on me or maybe they’re trying to be too cute? I don’t know. In general it’s a nice thriller but the dialogue really hurts. If I read another, I’ll try for an earlier one and see if the banter is less annoying to me.

Then I moved on to Erica Spindler’s Breakneck. I liked a lot of things about the book but ultimately it was a bit disappointing. It had good pacing but I figured out the resolution about three quarters of the way through. That was a disappointment. Usually the villain isn’t that obvious. The resolution also left a few holes  and I’m not sure I was up to the willing suspension of disbelief required of me for that resolution. Also, the interconnections and the personal lives were not that interesting. I guess Spindler’s writing is just not to my taste but I think if you like that sort of thing, she writes a good thriller.

Finally, I got to Innocent Blood by James Rollins and Rebecca Cantrell. I remember reading Blood Gospel. I hadn’t really liked that book either but I like the genre and this came up.  Like all Rollins’ books this is a good historical romp with a lot of thrills. This might have slowed down a bit more. It’s less to my taste than the plots of Kuzneski–if only he and Rollins would team up that would be a book to reckon with! If you like Rollins and don’t mind the reworking of Biblical history (and while I don’t normally mind there is a bit too much Church in this one), you’ll like this one.

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