Weekly Reading #18

I just found that I hadn’t hit Publish on the Weekly Reading #17. Don’t I feel silly. But I was working on the website and now it has a new look. I’m not sure if I like it but I’ll have to play with what I can do. I’d like to create a graphic that has the book covers on the side or something like that. And maybe lighten it up a bit. I didn’t want something dark but I ended up using a background from Whisper Bound. When I write a happier book or something a little less mysterious, then I’ll redo the background and see if that lightens things up. For now, I like the look.

This week I was really in the mood for some nice long Science Fiction. I really did enjoy Kevin J. Anderson’s book. Instead I read The Long Way Home by Louise Penny. It wasn’t as good as some of the other Gamache books but it is a tribute to her writing that I so enjoyed spending time with some old friends. The story meandered and I was happy to wander along with it. If you enjoy the series and Penny’s writing, this is a must read.

One of my friends follows Jeff Brown on Facebook and I started that as well. I put Soulshaping on hold at the library to see what I thought of his books. It’s not the best book of this sort out there but Jeff has a slightly different take on many things. It is a book designed to make people think and in that it succeeds. I am still absorbing much of what he said and figuring out where it fits. I would read more by him, although I believe his latest is more relationship oriented and today that is not quite where my focus is.

Finally, I started The Book of Life by Deborah Harkness. I put it down to read Soulshaping. Finished that and came back. It was a slow read. Not what I wanted. In fact, I found the characters tiresome. I know that there are certain things about these people that make it hard to be separated but really folks, can we stop whining about it all the time? I was disappointed by this book in so many ways. I did get more interested in it as the story got moving and I wasn’t just plopped down and trying to remember who was who. Still, it wasn’t a great book. I haven’t thought any of the books were great but the first one, at least the beginning was more of a good romp. Even the journey to Elizabeth England in the second was more interesting that this one. Still, if you’ve read the others, you will want to finish.


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