Weekly Reading #13

I spent a great deal of time reading some short books that came in a .99 cent bundle. Mostly health related. Nothing in there was so wonderful that I felt like finding the actual title and reviewing it, sadly.

I finished with that and read The Cold Nowhere by Brian Freemann. I liked that book. It was far better than the stand alone book, although it appears that many regular readers liked the earlier books better. Still, I’d consider reading more. A good mystery. Good setting of Duluth. Nice sub plots.

I also read Mouseheart, by Lisa Fiedler which is a children’s book. I enjoyed that a lot more than I expected, given that the cats were not exactly the good guys (what do you expect from Mice?)! I was troubled by one of the cats, simply because he was an uncared for feral and that made me sad. Yes, I know I read lots of murder mysteries and thrillers but I hate it when cats get killed. This is clearly going to be a series and I’ll be looking for future books in this setting.

So short reading list for this week but I am already well into a great book to review for next week and we’ll see what else I find!

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