Upcoming Ice Storm

As an acupuncturist, I find my reaction to the ice storm interesting. Normally, I’d be rather excited, waiting to see what sort of hurdles we’d have to overcome dealing with this–projecting into the future the stories I’d have to tell about living through this.

Now, I am worried and hoping that we get the snow rather than the ice that’s forecast, although it’s looking like we might get less than they’ve been predicting on some days–which has gone back and forth, usually topping out at half an inch but with gusty winds that are also being forecast that could be enough to drop power for a few days.

Why is that interesting that I’m being more cautious? Because it comes right after my surgery on my low back. In acupuncture, the low back is connected to the organs that rule the emotion fear. Having surgery in that area will unbalance that organ for a time and perhaps cause some issues. I notice more fear around what I can and cannot do.

If you notice in life, you notice children who are afraid of odd things, like the dark and being alone. Those are relevant fears–particularly being alone when you can’t help yourself. However, even children who are otherwise cared for often fear those things. Their energetic bodies are still developing. As we get older, we lose many of those fears. As we age, we pick up other fears because our energetic bodies have not always been replenished as they should be by various types of overwork and not getting exactly what they need for nourishment (which will vary depending upon the person and the time and place).

So I am listening to the rain (still, no ice until later) and reflecting on the challenges and changes in the emotional patterns of the energetic body.

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