Too Many Ideas

After January, prior to surgery where I didn’t feel like I had enough ideas or the will to write, suddenly, I have ideas bouncing all over the place. I think Kristine Kathryn Rusch has used the term “popcorn kittens.” And I’m definitely there. I have an idea that I really like for a second book in the as yet to be published women’s paranormal fiction series I’m setting up. I have the idea I started writing for the Familiar Cafe series. And, of course, there’s the epic fantasy idea I have. Finally, I have this urge to do a cozy mystery series on board a cruise ship.

In terms of non-fiction, I’ve toyed with writing a series on cruises to various places. I wanted it to be funny, but I find when I write, I am not funny. At least not to me, although I have had people laugh at some of my work that isn’t supposed to be funny but looking back, okay, some of the descriptions were. Not necessarily in a bad funny way but in a way that it appears I meant to make it rather amusing. Trying to put that in, not so much, so I’ve left that for now.

I’ll keep on with the book I’m writing now. I’ll put it out as the start of another cozy mystery series and then I’ll move on to something else. I feel like having written a number of paranormal cozies that I ought to stay in that genre as much as possible and even when escaping it, attempt to stay “close.” Whisper isn’t a paranormal mystery exactly, or perhaps it is. Certainly not cozy, though it has that feel to it. But people who like some of my other cozies would probably enjoy the Whisper series.

For those wondering, will I write more about Meg and Rain and Peter in Whisper? I have ideas for more, particularly within the character arcs but I haven’t had a sudden aha moment for a mystery that Meg has to solve. I’d love to get back there at some point but I feel like my writing has changed since I started that series, so alas, it may end with “only” ten books.

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