The Spyglass

This last week I started a new project, sort of a gothic story. I’m eager to see where it takes me. I’m not sure if it works yet at all but it’s interesting and I am eager to write on it.

My story for this month is a short story called The Spyglass. I wrote this a little over a year ago for a class. People really liked the narrator. At some point I’d like to use him in another story but nothing has come to mind just yet. Suffice to say that Albert isn’t a typical mystery hero but he solves he mystery he’s found on Easter Island, which is nowhere near the great mysteries of the Ahus.

I have most of my new covers up but still have to update the websites with them. That should be fun. Perhaps that will be a task for later this week or this weekend when I’m not sure what to do with myself. This type of housekeeping sort of task is always hard for me, that and things like a newsletter. What do people want to hear about? More of my cats, who are fine by the way, although Chey is looking her age. We’ll see if I can pretend to be an interesting person who does something besides read and tell stories! I guess, though, if you have that sort of boring life, it’s good to be a writer…

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