Still Achey

Apparently, I’m one of the lucky people who have more than a day of symptoms from the latest Covid booster. The lymph nodes in my armpit are swollen. It’s not exactly painful but it’s irritating and annoying.

I know others have far worse reactions but I find the irritation and annoyance of this distracting. Having written earlier about the sort of “med school syndrome” where you’re immediately certain your symptoms are something worse, I’m thankful that this is my right arm. Otherwise, I’m sure I would have decide the pain was an imminent sign of an impending heart attack, no matter that I knew it was likely that it was from the booster.

So I can sit with this on my right side and just be annoyed and distracted because it feels weird, like I have my shirt caught up in there and it’s too tight! Even though I have loosened my shirt several times. Friends who have had this particular issue tell me it can go on for about a week. So, writing could be fun. As I straighten my shirt every five minutes…

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