Short Story Finished

I set myself two stories to write this week. I finished one already. It was one of those stories that write itself and I’m pleased about that. I have been putting off doing any sort of editing, proofing on the stories I’ve written recently for some reason. I’ve also been putting off finishing up a print cover for Unfair Magic.

These are both easy enough tasks. The editing might take longer or be more involved if I need to do any rewrites but the stories feel pretty complete right now which means it’s mostly going to be grammar and perhaps a linking sentence and then they can go out to markets and see what people think. It shouldn’t take long but I’m just avoiding it.

The finishing the print cover means I need to set up the spine. I have a template for it already so it’s just filling in the title and the color. Should take about five minutes. And another five or so to get it sized correctly. You’d think that would be easy enough to do, but, once again, I’m avoiding it. I hate it when I can’t get these small tasks off my plate.

Maybe I’m avoiding them because the bigger task is to figure out what I want to write next. I want something at least a little bit dark. The last two stories were fairly light so I need to write something darker. Some hauntings and ghosts and things like that. Moody. I love moody.


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