Plans for July

Coconut milk in a glass with striped straw and coconut halves, selective focus

July is a long hot month in North Carolina and long hot months are not my things. Give me a bit of a snow and a big hill and I’m much happier but that’s neither here nor there.

I start out the month working on a slightly new story. I wrote a draft of a story in this world once before and decided I couldn’t get through a re-read so I set it aside. I wrote a short story in the same world with different characters and I like it much better. It’s being sent out, collecting rejections and maybe finding a home. This story incorporates a lot of the old book written and set aside, but with new characters and more depth. I’m looking forward to seeing what happens.

I also hope to get another re through on the ninth Whisper novel. I had hoped to have that one published in November but reading through it last week, I found a lot of problems that need to be ironed out, lots of words that don’t quite flow. I’m learning that as I learn more about writing, adding layers and depth that sometimes I lose voice and rhythm but it’s coming back. It might mean I leave writing Whisper for a few months which may leave some holes in the schedule where those books might have been. I figure I’ll come back to them. That’s what series are for. And no one is left in danger.

As always, I plan to write at least one short story this month. Last month I wrote two good ones. Both are out. I hope that this one will be good too. We’ll see.

I also hope to finally get my book Moving with Cats published. Am waiting to get it back from a beta reader. Most of the information is over at The Cat Post Intelligencer, but sometimes people like books.

Have a good month and enjoy your reading. You did get the last Whisper book, A Haunting Attraction? Enjoy it. If you haven’t read the Whisper series, they are on sale at Smashwords.  And finally, if you really want a good deal, you can still get the short story, Ghost Case, that takes place in Whisper in this Bundle Rabbit Bundle.

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