Passive-Aggressive Cats

This morning somehow, I made myself breakfast before feeding my cats. My two males live in the main part of the house. The female lives in the main suite because she hates them. I only mention that because she was not involved. She would have come and mewed at me until I realized my mistake.

The boys, though… Well Ham got up and decided to be rude about wanting my food but said nothing.

Ichiro went and laid down under the table and looked pitiful. Sadly, I didn’t notice until after I ate my breakfast so he had a bit of time. When I realized that the reason Ham was interested in breakfast I felt badly about not feeding them, but neither of them made a peep. I have no idea why.

And for those worried about my poor starving cats, breakfast was delayed by about ten minutes. Dinner comes when it comes so they have no real set schedule for that. And they have an automatic dry food feeder so they have small amounts in their dish six times a day. I’d have smaller amounts more frequently but that’s the max and the lowest amount I can set it to. I used to free feed some but Ham started gorging himself and vomiting it all up while I was laid up with back surgery. Hence, the feeder which has solved that problem.

Perhaps the feeder has just trained them to learn to wait.

Except they’re cats. I think they were plotting my demise.

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