Off my Game

I got up this morning fully intending to blog and then got some news that upset me and completely forgot for the morning.

Oddly it was only a small potentially upsetting thing and even has the ability to be a non-issue but it hit me wrong this morning and I’ve been dealing with the emotional fall-out all day. I’m not even sure why it bothered me so much, but it did. There’s nothing I can do about what’s going on but I’ll see what’s happening. It may require a change of habits or it may mean continuing on like nothing changed. I don’t know at this point. But the idea of having to make that decision, or potentially having to make that change–that felt overwhelming this morning.

I’m barely able to get my editing in today and I doubt I’ll be doing much writing if any. We’ll see on the last part.

Yesterday was much more productive. I even did some ad content for my Frost Witch Saga.

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