New Story: Poison Paw

I just got my latest book, Poison Paw uploaded and for sale. If you read the newsletter (if you don’t, sign up here) you’ve probably already read it.

This one I can thank Gemini for. The idea for a feline assassin came when she started sleeping on the stairs. If she heard me coming, she’d go down three stairs and hunker down on that one, as if she believed I wasn’t really going all the way down. One day while trying to carry a box of something downstairs I told I thought she was trying to kill me. And wouldn’t that be the perfect murder? Everyone would think I had just tripped and fallen. But Gemini would have done it purposefully.

I’ve written down some ideas around the feline assassins, but Poison Paw was the first one that actually worked. I’ll probably come back to these characters again. If not Chickadee, then perhaps that mysterious Siamese (because everyone knows how I feel about Siamese!).

Chickadee ended up as a Persian because they seemed like the least likely cats to become assassins. After all, Siamese have always had their own agendas. No one believes that of Persians. I chose Silver Shaded because they are gorgeous and because I have a friend who has two of them, which you can see on their blog. And yes, they can be little divas. But all cats can. Isn’t that what cats are for?

Blurb for Poison Paw

Chickadee, a specially trained silver shaded Persian feline assassin wakes to a soft noise. The scent of a female Siamese reaches her nose.

Chickadee’s human, Yvonne slumbers in the bedroom unaware of the danger that has entered her home. Will Chickadee’s reflexes remain fast enough to save Yvonne before the Siamese assassin strikes?

Poison Paw is a short urban fantasy about a pair of unlikely assassins. Fans of Bonnie Elizabeth will no doubt delight in this tale told by a former feline assassin.

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