More Thoughts on Health and Healing

Let’s talk about everyone’s diet. Everyone has one. Whether it’s to loose weight or to live healthier for longer. It’s exercising as often as possible, sometimes despite fatigue. People insist they feel better no matter that they are dragging. And for some, that may be the case. Everyone has different energy patterns and many find energy in intense movement. Others just get tired.

For those moving for joy, keep moving joyfully. For those not moving so much–it is recommended to move, not necessarily work out, but move in some way shape or form, for about thirty minutes a day. Find something fun that you can do. That doesn’t make you dread doing it. And if there’s nothing, if the pain is too much that day, it’s okay. Pain is telling us something. And pain says don’t do that.

Certainly, there are some sorts of pain we can move through. But just on your own? Maybe consider something else. If it’s new, then consider resting for a bit. Something might have happened.

Personal habits that are not recommended by a healthcare provider who knows you and your body and has expertise in the area of your problem do not need to be done daily if they interfere with your life.

For those that eat a certain way because they have read it’s supposed to be good for them, such as people going low carb, it’s possible to loosen those dietary regulations when you go to a friend’s house. It’s okay to eat a piece of bread. Obviously, those with major health problems, eating a certain way due to allergies or celiac, or even for moral or religious purposes won’t change, but the rest of us? Those who try a diet because it’s supposed to help and maybe it does or may it doesn’t, you can take a break for an afternoon or evening. One Coke, one piece of bread, one piece of pie won’t kill you.

If eating a certain way is keeping you alive and changing it will bring about your death, then don’t change. If eating a certain way makes you believe you’ll live a bit longer, then pause and think about what you’re missing. If life is all about your food and exercise routine, is that making you happy or just less scared of dying?

I think so much of this is about trying to control things. People say eat this way. Food is medicine. But not everyone needs the same medicine. And some people are healthy so they don’t need medicine so why are they eating as if food is medicine? Food should be a joy. Exercise and movement should be fun. Our bodies evolved to move and so we should move in ways that feel good for as long as we can. And we should enjoy the rituals of sharing a meal, of breaking (quite literally) bread with another.

We will all die no matter what we eat or don’t eat. Don’t miss out on the things you want because it might bring you a few more months of existence.

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