Holiday Season

Well, I made it through Thanksgiving weekend and realized that it was Monday. For someone who works from home and who lives with a spouse who works remotely, well that’s a huge deal to keep the days from running together, especially when there’s a holiday and schedules get messed up.

I probably spent too much money on my husband but most of it was stuff he was going to purchase for himself (only purchased AFTER making sure he wasn’t going to decide to just get it now–he’s done that before) or stuff that I knew he was going to need. So that’s done. I’d shop locally but there’s a standing joke that the only places in town are banks, auto parts stores, and fast food place and I can’t afford to purchase him a bank and we don’t really need auto parts considering he wouldn’t know what to do with most of them.

In case you’re worried I don’t support the local economy, I purchase my cat food from the local feed store. Again, hubby doesn’t need much of anything from the feed store.

Two years ago I would have been shopping at local craft fairs and such but last year there weren’t any and I’m now off the lists for most for this year so I need to go back and find them again. I love looking at crafts–crafts and not MLM products. It also gives me an idea of who I might approach to rent a table for the day to try and sell books. Some of the church craft fairs don’t appreciate those of us who write fantasy.

But I made the choice to live in a small town and I do love it. However, it can make shopping local for some things a bit more difficult, so ordering online it is.

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