Good Service

I frequently feel as if I’m an old lady with a stick, shaking it at young people yelling, “Back in my day…” And here’s the thing. Back in my day service was actually service. Usually. Not always but more often than not. If you didn’t get good service, you could always find somewhere else and get good service.

Today, I had good service. In Charlotte, I got a timeline of when to bring in my Honda for service. They had a 30,000 mile servicing. I went to my now local dealer in Kentucky. They gave me an oil change. Told me my air filters were okay but would probably need to be changed next time. Although I had some minor issues fixed at another place who tried to tell me I needed to replace my tires now, this place said my tires were good for sometime, giving them a 6 on their 1-10 scale of how worn they were (10 being good).

I appreciate how they were willing to work with me to make sure my car was in good condition without trying to upsell me anything. When, sometime in the distant future, this car wears down (working from home it doesn’t get driven often), I will definitely be visiting them when I have to trade it in. Because good service should be rewarded.

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