Feeling Bionic

I remember the show “The Bionic Woman” from back when I was a kid. It was in syndication not long after I graduated from college, too.

There’s a shirt with a picture of a spine that says, “We can rebuild her. We can make her better than she was before…”

Sitting here, knowing I have my hardware for the fusion, wearing a backbrace, and the bone stimulator (which looks much like a tens unit except I have to wear it all the time), I feel like a bionic woman. I have a belt on under my dress (as a dress is easier for me when I can’t bend) and then the dress and a sweatshirt (I’m so fashionable) and then the brace.

Having already walked over twenty minutes today, I think the cost is worth it. I hope that when I see my surgeon next week, that the bones are fusing together as they should and all is going well. It’s a little fun being bionic, but the limitations right now are hard–harder probably than they were at the beginning because I feel like I could bend over and pick up the cat vomit or I feel like I could cook but can’t bend to reach the pans (which are too heavy with the gripper to lift) and things like that. It was easier when I didn’t feel up to doing any of that to begin with.

But this too shall pass. And then I want that shirt!

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