So I was reading something about Harry Potter and as things happen online, there were plenty of comments hating on fandom in general, not just the Harry Potter franchise. Granted, I have to say that some of the stories of people trying to push the fandom on others were pretty over the top. However, my initial thought was why shit on someone else’s joy?

Fandom allows people who are passionate about a book or characters to talk to others who are equally passionate about that same book or subject. It creates bonds between people who might otherwise have little in common.

No book or series is perfect and as time goes on, the imperfections can be striking. I remember at a comic con a talk about Star Trek had a woman stand up saying that the original series really didn’t break new group. Ohura never got to command like the men. And I’m sitting there, Oh you sweet child, this was the late 1960s. Ohura even being a regular on the bridge with the commanders was a huge step.

No author is perfect, either, and many of them have stepped in it to a greater or lesser degree. And some of our favorites turn out to be child abusers or terfs.

The author isn’t the fandom. The stories are the fandom. And certain stories touch certain people deeply. Coming together to share those moments, to dress as the characters, to try and relive those stories, to make them more real is something many people love to do. It brings back the feelings that were first stirred when the books were read or the shows were watched. Sharing those moments enhances the joy and opens doors to friendships.

Honestly, for the most part, fandoms don’t hurt anyone. They are a joy for many. If it’s not your thing, that’s fine. But no need to tear down another’s joy.

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