Emotion and Energy

Acupuncture is often described as an energetic medicine. It has tended to mean we work with movement of the functions of the body rather than the physical structures of the body, though the movements often influence and change the structures.

Emotions are also described as energy and acupuncture does recognize this, suggesting certain emotions are caused by or can cause certain imbalances in the body’s system. Think about how stressed you can feel with a headache. Everything can feel overwhelming. Conversely, stress can bring on a headache. Emotions and the bodily system.

There are people who shut down their emotions. I was thinking about that. What happens if we shut down all our energy. If energy gives life and our emotions are shut down, then what is there for us? Is it really life? Is it living if we have no emotional energy or are we existing, waiting for physical death because our emotions are so constricted.

Maybe feeling things, everything, our fears, our anger, our sorrows, and our joys, and then letting them move on and go is really what living is about. Maybe that’s the most healing thing we can do.

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