Desks and Cats

Ichiro has always been a cat who loves to sit between my keyboard and computer on the desk. But it used to be for a short time in the morning when I’d read blogs and check Facebook and stuff like that.

Recently, he’s decided he needs to be on the desk all the time. And he needs more room, thus pushing off the keyboard into my lap. I move him and he comes right back up.

I got him a chair so he could sit next to me. I have a set of drawers next to the desk so he can sit on those. There’s a small set of shelves on the other side. I have a bed on the floor for him. But no. He has to be on the desk.

And now Ham is there too. Getting is face washed. It could be a very unproductive day as I attempt to remove cats from where I need to type because the keyboard will be gone in a few minutes…

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