Cats and Blogging

I’ve set myself up to offer something to my readers once a week. We’ll see how long I can do it.

In one of the early Whispers, probably An Air of Suspicion or Little Dog Lost, Zari A makes a comment about cats and blogging. Yes, she mentions Chey at The Cat Post Intelligencer and Chey, is, of course, my cat. We started blogging sometime in 2006. Actually we started on Blogger for another cat in 2005 but moved to our own in 2006. I wrote daily and my goal was to get in the habit of writing daily. It worked.

I also met some great people who also blogged about their cats. And in the ten years that I have known the bloggers we have had many losses and many joys. We spend time on Facebook now, not just as a our pets but as our human selves. We have grown up with the internet.

When I first started blogging there were perhaps thirty cat blogs that were listed in sidebars of other blogs and I started visiting those. Now there are hundreds. There’s a site called BlogPaws which does a conference for pet bloggers and connects people blogging about pets with pet merchandise manufacturers. Some people are blogging about specific things, like training a service dog. Others are blogging about pet health as veterinarians. Still others, like me, started out blogging just for fun, but now add in informative posts about caring for pets.

My cat blog still exists, but if you go over there, you’ll see that I haven’t blogged in years. We moved and I had to shut down for a while. I was busy writing books for people who wanted to read them. I didn’t care to blog for free so much any longer. I was writing daily even without the blog. Still, you can see that Chey comes on now and then to share something.


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