Ham Cat

This is Ham. He’s my problem child. This morning, I found two of our homegrown tomatoes on the floor of the kitchen. He likes to knock things on the floor. Anything that rolls. I had to throw one away because someone, possibly Ham, possibly our other cat Ichiro, bit into it. As it was not …

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Gratuitous November Cat Photo

Someone is comfortable. And this is what he does on the desk too but it’s hard to get a photo of him lying like that on the keyboard because he has to lean against my chest. I think I need longer arms to accommodate him and still write!      

Cat Photo Week

So this is a photoshopped (not every well) image of my little long haired tabby cat. Her name is Gemini and she lives up (or down as the case my be) to the name, hissing at the door when someone comes near as if she were an attack cat, while simultaneously running for cover to …

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Cats and Blogging

I’ve set myself up to offer something to my readers once a week. We’ll see how long I can do it. In one of the early Whispers, probably An Air of Suspicion or Little Dog Lost, Zari A makes a comment about cats and blogging. Yes, she mentions Chey at The Cat Post Intelligencer and …

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