Asking “Stupid” Questions

So I’ve had some minor health issues that I’ve been dealing with with my GP. My gut told me it was related to my back surgery. My surgeon’s office was certain it wasn’t.

I have spent more time in my GP’s office in the last two weeks than I have in the last twenty years. And for the same issue. As we were ruling out the last things that she could think of before sending me off to a specialist, I happen to say, “Hey, I was reading about this electro stim stuff for the type of thing that might be going on. I have a bone stimulator in that area in my back. Could that be *causing* the issue?”

Now, I thought this was a foolish question before if electro stim could help, I already had that going on to build bone. However, as an acupuncturist, I know there are different settings that work. And I also know that different patients react differently to the electro.

A lightbulb went on over my GP’s head as she frantically typed in notes on the computer and then said, “Absolutely. Because while it can be used to help, if it’s not set just right, it will make the condition worse. Can you call them and have them remove it?”

Well, it’s completely exterior so I’ll pull it off when I get home and then drop them a note.

“Let’s wait on this latest course of medications until the end of the week. I’ll call it in, in case there are still problems, but let’s see if that helps.”

So, the bone stimulator, which is equal parts much appreciated for the fact that it is supposed to help my back heal much faster, and hated because it’s annoying as heck to have that cord that comes undone at the worse possible moments (and causes a peeping sound because it’s not touching skin), is off. And I feel free!

For this week, I am no longer a battery operated bionic woman. Just a regular old bionic woman who must be moved like a human being. And I am quite pleased and hopeful that this will make a difference.

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