Writer Worry

Writers worry about all sorts of things. I’m not different, only I guess I figure I worry so much about everything that I don’t notice the writer worry.

I hear from writers who worry that because one person may not have loved their book that it’s no good. I hear from others about trying to decide if they should pursue a story because someone else told them that it wasn’t original.

Guess what? It doesn’t matter in either case.

Even the best books have detractors. Writing a story is subjective and different stories will appeal to different readers. The challenge is finding those readers.

And you know what else? Every basic story has been done. But it’s never been in the way a particular writer wants to do it. Even a story closely copied can be strong if the writer’s voice and perhaps that single unique take makes it a little different. Look at all the fairy tale retellings out there–each is the ‘same story’ but with a slightly different spin. Even those that go in the same direction are different because each author brings a different lens to the retelling of the fairy tale.

Writers should stop worrying and tell the story they want to tell, in their own voice and then find the readers who want to read that exact thing.

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