Working Weekend

So this is Chey, sunning herself a few years back when all was good and she was still a plump little kitty.


Not so much today. Last Wednesday evening she stopped eating and we’ve been visiting the vet pretty much daily, forcing pills, forcing food, and trying to stabilize her because she will not eat. She’s funny that way. Any little thing that puts her off her food and it’s a nightmare trying to get her to eat again. It’s like she blames the food for making her sick and she won’t eat it, or anything else because you know, some food made her feel badly.

Today she’s at the vet getting tube vet and IV fluids. She wasn’t as dehydrated as I had feared. Hopefully the fluids will perk her up a little. She was also vomiting and hopefully they’ll get that to stop. The original medication should have lasted two weeks but instead it lasted three days.

Yes, she is my problem child. She’s fifteen now so there’s always the question of how much longer we’ll have her so I have to balance that how much intervention I give her.

But that’s taken my energy. I did finish a first draft of a book before all of this happened but didn’t quite get all the other things I had planned done.


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