What’s Happening March 2017

I know, it’s a couple of days early for plans for next month but I’m feeling like I’m chomping at the bit for what’s going on.

Last month I got the newsletter push started and I now have a selection of new folks reading Whisper Bound. I hope that it’s to the taste of at least some of them. I’ve got something set up so that I can put a link to the newsletter on the website easily so that people who find this site can sign up and get free stuff.

This next month I’ll continue working on a push to get things set up. If you don’t have the free copy of Whisper that you get for signing up for the newsletter it’s here.

I’ll also be working on editing a couple of short stories, one to submit to an anthology and another to just go out to the magazines. I need to get one set for publishing on the ebook sites as well. I’ll also be doing some major edits on a novella about a teenage girl who gets the power to grant wishes. I hope to have that out by May but that could be delayed. The good thing is that there’s a book in that series that I can edit as I make changes to the novella and keep that going quite quickly.

For the moment I’m writing a gothic in the old tradition of the people I read as a kid. It’s going to be stand alone, I’m certain and I doubt I’ll want to write another book like this again, at least not for a while but it’s fun to stretch into another genre to see what I can do with it. I’m also incubating some ideas for another Whisper novel. I don’t have anything coming up or in the pipeline yet but I’ll get there. I haven’t completely left Meg and Rain and Peter to their own devices!

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