What’s Happening April 2018

Honestly, right now, today, I feel like I should have a post that says “What’s NOT happening?” That would be a shorter post. Probably. Maybe.

My husband is nearing retirement and can now work remotely from his job, so we’ve found the house we want to retire in and are in the middle of all the joys of appraisals, inspections, negotiations, and packing. For me, mostly packing.

And planning.

And getting ready to go to the Fantasy Workshop taught by Kristine Kathryn Rusch in Lincoln City, Oregon.

If that’s not enough, because we weren’t even supposed to go house hunting until May, I have a longer than usual stay to visit friends in Seattle, where I got a better rate flying on in.

I leave next week.

I’ve also just about finished the first book in the Appalachian Souls series, which is likely to be a trilogy, because that’s what works, but I only have the first two books written.

I’m behind on my short story numbers (but I can probably be forgiven that considering all that was going on lately) but I still wrote a respectable 32 short stories over the last three months.

Because the cats don’t want to be forgotten, yes there were cat problems with the two who don’t like each other getting out and fighting while we were out house hunting (in another state) and then the veterinary care because the aggressor got a scratch in the eye. The victim cat is fine. Karma. Even for cats.

I’m exhausted just writing that. But back to work. Now, where to start?

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