Weird Dreams

For the last several weeks I’ve been having weird dreams. Last night’s included walking down the street to my neighbor’s house for no particular reason, with my cat, in a carrier. I have no idea why I was bringing the cat. It was just a visit. And the neighbor had a chihuahua (in real life, no she doesn’t).

For some reason we just wandered into her house when she wasn’t home and I decided to take a nap on her guest bed. She wandered in and said, Oh sorry. Am I making too much noise, when she woke me up as I started to drift off in my dream.

And when I woke up, it made me wonder what my dreams mean and why I am having so many really weird ones. Because, you know if I found a neighbor asleep in my guest bed, my first commentary would not be, “Sorry I didn’t mean to wake you.” It would have been either WTF are you doing in my house or are you alive? Because I’d assume if they were lying out on my guest bed that something horrible had happened.

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