Thunderstorms and Chipmunks

We had more thunderstorms here yesterday but the rain was much needed after several very hot days last week. I don’t mind the rain and I kind of like it when it rains hard but I also appreciate that it doesn’t always stay around.

Today, it’s humid outside and I know there are more storms forecast and I am hoping we get them. That will make the day more comfortable.

Yesterday, sitting outside, shortly before the rain started, the skies overcast with gray clouds, it was quite pleasant out with a light breeze. Ham tried to catch a chipmunk but don’t worry–he’s not that good of a hunter but he had fun sitting by the hole he found stalking it. I had to get my husband to come out and go over to him before he’d run inside. Normally, he’s a big scaredy cat and comes running the moment I close the door to the house.

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