The Ghost In My Hotel

I have a new book out called The Ghost in My Hotel. A snowed in hotel, a conference of cozy mystery writers, a dead body (of course), and a few ghosts. What more could anyone want? Perhaps a hotel manager that has two lovely Siamese cats? I had a lot of fun with this idea and have several more books mapped out. I quite liked Olive and she’ll probably have larger parts in future books.

Maggie runs an isolated haunted hotel which normally suits her introverted life. She has her cats, her best friend, Olive, and a job that keeps her interested. The only real downside is that Olive is a ghost.

Then a major storm hits while a cozy mystery writer conference is about to start and a maid finds one of the authors dead.

Now Maggie and park ranger, Lyle Cook, must figure out who murdered the writer while juggling the input of dozens of authors who are all certain they know how criminals think. Worse, another guest is found gravely injured and the storm has cut the Inn off from the nearest town.

As guests start to get restive and the suspects pile up, Maggie enlists Olive to help her ferret out information that she might otherwise miss. But will Olive’s information come too late to save Maggie from the killer?

The Ghost in My Hotel is the delightful first novel in the Haunted Hotel Series.

Find it at Amazon. Coming soon to other major retailers.