Book cover for Unnatural Secrets, a walled garden gate, partly open in fog

September 2019

Wow, it’s September already.

This summer has felt busy. My husband and I are working on having a new home built so we’ll be moving one more time. Hopefully that will be it for a very long while. I hardly have things unpacked for this round. I got as far as I did because I had no idea we were going to move again, at least not so soon.

I finally got a book out again. Unnatural Secrets is available at Amazon and Kobo for pre-order and will be available at all other retailers on the seventh.

I was pleased with how well this read through so I’ll share the blurb here:

It’s easy to check in to historic Kernroote Castle but checking out could be a different story.

Newly divorced Becca Winters hopes to write away her sorrows on an extended stay at the new Kernroote Castle hotel. Unfortunately, the Castle and its companions may have other plans for her.

The desk clerk is creepily serious and cold. The hallways are too silent and dark walking down them. Footsteps without a source thunder down the halls at night. Gardens change before Becca’s eyes. Certain she is having a breakdown, Becca intends to tough it out. However, even she has to acknowledge what her senses are telling her.

Unfortunately, her acceptance comes too late. Her tires are slashed and she is trapped at Kernroote.

Now, in order to save her own life, Becca must unravel the horrifying secrets of the ancient castle and the family that lives there.

“Elizabeth immerses her reader in the quintessential atmospheric horror, complete with the tension of the panicked fleeing from past nightmares, a foreboding Gothic Castle, and a looming terror that merges modern struggles with a slowly unraveling historic mystery. Make sure you bring a flashlight before you dig in. Oh, and maybe some Holy Water for good measure. Because Elizabeth isn’t afraid to drag you through every conceivable dark and shadowy corner.”  — Mark Leslie, author of Tomes of Terror, I, Death and One Hand Screaming and editor of Fiction River: Feel the Fear and Campus Chills.

I’d also like to thank Mark Leslie for the input on a better teaser! And I hope that if you like a few thrills and chills, especially now that Halloween is coming, maybe you can go over and give him a bit of reading love.

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