New Cat Food Dish

My husband has had to feed the cats because I can’t bend down to put food on the floor (yet). So now he’s noticed how much food they eat. And sometimes vomit back up.

In an effort to get them to slow down their eating of dry food, he has purchased a special dish. The cats eat out of it and then have to use their paws to move some of the food around.

Now in the morning, we get to play where to find the dish that they’ve moved all over the house. He even got a mat with slightly raised edges to try and contain the food but they push it off the mat. Oh well.

I find it interesting that this is one thing that Ichiro seems to have figured out quickly. Ham is typically the smarter of the two, but Ichiro loves his food. Apparently, where food is concerned, he’s the smarter of the two.

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