Natural Causes

Nope, nobody died. I just read the book by the title Natural Causes by Barbara Ehrenreich. I found it thought provoking. It’s not the best book I’ve read by her but the ideas made me think. There were plenty of places I disagreed but the ideas there, those are worth exploring.

At what point are we doing too many tests and being too afraid of disease? Are we spending our lives concentrating on extending our lives or are we actually living and doing things we love? Do any of the life extending things really work or do they just leave us living longer to die more slowly as we age?

Ehrenreich also talked about how some of our depression comes from our very need to “find ourselves”. I suppose Freud would have said being ego-centric. When people come to realize they are part of a greater whole, that depression and anxiety often disappears.

Lots of good information and I’m sure I’ll come back to write more but for those who are interested, the book is available and has been for some time. I got it from my local library.

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