Morning Blank

For a moment I was thinking I ought to blog in the evening but I know it’s not a time thing.

I always have ideas on what to blog for today the evening before. And then in the morning, everything is blank. It’s not a rejection of those ideas. I just can’t remember them. And there’s nothing to write about. Oh–look it’s raining out. Did the cats do something? What was it I was thinking about last night? Other than looking out at the weather, nothing comes.

Yes, I could note down my ideas and flesh them out if I drafted them the night before. The problem, of course, is that like so many writers I’m not at the computer when I think of those things. And they seem like great ideas and I’ll remember (uh huh). But no. So I thought, maybe I’ll move my writing time, except no, then I’ll sit in front of the computer at a different time and not have a thing to write.

Sigh. Maybe I should just start taking photos of the cats?

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