He Can’t Catch a Frisbee

So I looked at Ichiro on the sofa last night and he gave me that slow blink. I said, “He’s such a good cat.”

In the background, the television was on a commercial where a guy misses catching a frisbee. My husband says, just at the perfect time, “He can’t catch a frisbee.”

I look over at him, “Ichiro?”

My husband is now clueless so I have to fill him in. I said, “He’s such a good cat. You said, “He can’t catch a frisbee.”

My husband, knowing that once again he wasn’t listening to something I said says, “Well he can’t.”

So now I am going to have to see about getting tiny little frisbees to see if my cats can catch them to prove their good cat-ness. Or maybe I can just live with the fact that my husband only hears me when he wants to.

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