Difficult Month

Every now and then a time and my life becomes (as a friend once said) “Just one pratfall away from my own comedy series.”

I’ve been dealing with my husband who had to have not one but two minor medical procedures that required I go with him and wait because he’d have general anesthesia.

I had had not one but two cats with urinary tract infections. And now one of them had vomiting and diarrhea last night and isn’t eating this morning. He’s going back to the vet. I suspect the issue has something to do with the plumbing issue we had.

The kitchen sink backed up and then the washer backed up to overflowing and we had to mop the laundry room. A littler box is in the laundry room so we couldn’t close it off. While we mopped fairly well, I think there might have been a puddle or two partially under the washer that we couldn’t quite get to. Due to his medical procedures my husband can’t lift more than ten pounds, and strangely the washer is heavier than that. I’m concerned that sick cat might have either walked through a damp area and then washed his paws and maybe ingested some soap or he had a drink because you know how standing water is always better than water in a dish for cats.

I’m now waiting on a plumber and planning to head to a long awaited MRI for my back issues. Fortunately my husband will be home to greet the plumber if I’m not.

Having had months like this before, I’m just hoping that whatever astrological influences are currently in force change soon so I can get back to my regularly scheduled rather dull life.

And maybe this isn’t exactly a comedy series but more of a dramedy. Who knows?

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