Contrary Cats

We have come to the conclusion that Gemini and Ham must be separated. It’s been an issue since we got Ham. If it had just been the two of them, he might have gone back to the shelter. Ichiro, however, loved Ham. And he stopped picking on Gemini thanks to Ham.

Ichiro and Gemini would get into major knock-down-drag-out fights. Like fur flying and I might have to get one to the vet kind of fights. Ham just irritates Gemini. Two kids on a playground pulling pigtails and knocking each other down. The problem is, Ham is always up to that. He thinks he’s playing. Gemini is not.

So she has come to live in the master suite.

Around dinner, Gemini comes out to spend time in the main part of the house. Ham can wander into the bedroom. Ichiro usually goes in the bedroom to his favorite snoozing spot, which is the cedar chest in front of the window  in the bedroom. He often won’t leave when we get ready for bed, making sure Ham is in the main part of the house and Gemini in the bedroom.

Instead he’ll sit there, get ear rubs from my husband and I. I’ll read in bed for a bit while my husband showers. More ear rubs at the end of the shower. Then he has to drink some water from the shower. Apparently water with a bit of freshly sluiced human stink is the best. By the time he’s done, Dennis is comfortable. But Ichiro will meow to go out.

Last night he was quite insistent and then started banging on the window blinds. I got up to let him out. He leaped down and hid under the bed as he sometimes does. He did not want to go out.

So I got back in bed and read for a bit more. When I put my book down and was ready to go to sleep, Ichiro was snoozing on the floor. I went to the door and tried to get him to follow me. He did not.

I walked back to the bed and said to my husband, “Just wait he’ll want to go out as soon as I get comfortable.”

And lo and behold, I crawled into bed. Got the blankets adjusted. Got the pillow just so.

I started to relax and heard, “Meow.”

Ichiro was ready to go out. So I had to get up and let him out for the night or he’d meow all night. He waited until I was just getting comfortable. Because he can.

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