Books Remain a Bargain

I price my books at $4.99, figuring that I’m willing to take a chance on things less than $5. I purchase a fair number of books that are slightly higher, $5.99 to $7.99 without too much thought.

Many indies say, “Yeah a coffee is almost as much as a book,” to justify their prices.

Today, I had a grande chai at Starbucks. It was over $5.00. So were many fancy coffees. Which means my books are now cheaper than having a cup of coffee.

And you can reuse books. You can share books and not lose out anything for yourself. I never put DRM on my books so if you purchase them, you can share them. Amazon sets some restrictions on sharing, but as my store comes up and more is available, you’ll find that I don’t put those same restrictions on them. Share away. If someone loves what I write, then I can ask them to support me.

Heck, ask for them at your local library. My books are available in ebook and print for libraries and many of my books are also available in hardcover case laminate for library purchase. And while I feel like print and hardcover are more expensive and maybe not such a good deal, compared to coffee nowadays, they’re still a bargain.

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