Astrology Thoughts

I got sidetracked this weekend looking at my astrological chart. I used to be really good at reading the aspects and understanding them but I haven’t practiced in a number of years. Like any language, because in may ways the chart itself feels like a language and when I see something it often means something to me though I don’t always have the words to articulate it.

I found an article by Steven Forrester about the south node in the chart and I started looking into that. I find the bits and pieces of information that come out of a good read interesting.

It’s just a bit of a hobby that I enjoy and find interesting. I love the astrologers like Joey Yap (not a western astrologer, but I like his take) on the fact that there are no negatives. Just opportunities. Oh–so it says you might have some financial issues around spending this year? Then make it true by spending on something big you’ve been wanting–that plays into the overspending on something so make it good! I laughed when he said that but it makes so much sense to do something like that rather than freeze in fear.

I notice Mercury retrograde. I don’t avoid it. If something is happening then, well maybe I give it a bit of extra time, maybe double check the dates and times and addresses. I don’t hide out in my house refusing to do anything because of it. It’s easier that way. It’s a time to re-think things so I plan on doing that. It’s great for editing older writing rather than starting something new. If I’m in a place to start a new book or story, I’ll look back at old ideas and work on those.

But the nodes are interesting to me. Like where is your life going or what lessons are you working on learning this time around. I think mine was about learning that there’s more to life than work. I can look back on my life and see how that played out (but also the frustrations due to certain aspects) and I think about something a friend happened to say a few weeks ago, that work/life wasn’t a balance because work was life and she only worked at things she wanted in her life. Which was a different perspective that I appreciated. We so often think of work as an I-have-to.

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