Acupuncture Treatment

Yesterday I got to have an acupuncture treatment. That’s a treat because driving isn’t my favorite thing right now. With my short arms and legs and huge brace, and the restricted movement, getting in and out of the car is hard. So I spaced treatments out a bit further.

But my body feels so much better right now. It’s wonderful.

Of course, it’s still healing from back surgery. I was nearly out of pain and then got a major flare which seems to be calming down again. I worried I had done something but perhaps it was just the way healing goes. Sometimes it hurts. Sometimes it doesn’t.

I was moving more. I am not cleaning litter boxes. I can do that just squatting and then standing up again so it’s easier than a lot of other chores and doesn’t require that I lift much. And I’m sure my husband doesn’t miss having to do that either. I think perhaps the flare was from the new work I was doing as it involved a bit more muscle movement with the squats and stretching and leaning forward slightly.

I am so ready to be done with this! But I’m glad I did it because I still feel better than I did before–even with the flare up of pain.

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