A Quiet Wednesday

The most difficult part about keeping up blogging about what’s going on are the days when nothing much is going on.

And this is a particularly quiet week. I only set a goal of 8,000 words to write and I think I’m close to it so there’s not even much writing going on. And yet, the blog demands that I keep writing. Or I set a goal to write every weekday and that feels like something of a demand right here.

So, I am having a quiet morning with the cats. I had one of those lovely little Satsumas that come out at this time every year earlier and now I’m working on a novel. I’m trying to decide if I’m excited about writing this novel or not. It feels like a much larger story but the smaller stories within that larger story need to be fleshed out. And I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to do that. Still, it’s a good thing to be working on this week. When the holidays have passed and I’m back to working I can go back through and read what I wrote and perhaps I’ll be further along and once again excited about the idea that this book represents.

My other goal this week is to come up with goals for next year. That I have yet to do.

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