A Little Garlic

So my husband wanted to try one of those meal plan kits and he had a great coupon for a low cost one. The ingredients all came mixed together so you had to pick out each item. We had six meals to get the maximum discount. For those six meals they put in all the meats (individually packaged and when necessary, cut), the vegetables and spices, including two garlic bulbs which seemed like a lot but they were small.

He used to work assisting the chefs in a high end restaurant years ago so I figure he’s fine to cook. He does so.

The first two nights our dinners tasted heavily of garlic.

He tells me I need to stop at the store to pick up more garlic. I ask why. I mean two whole bulbs, albeit small should be more than enough for six meals.

He used it because each recipe called for one or two cloves of garlic and he only put in one. I look at him and ask where the rest is. He says that they only gave us two cloves of garlic.

I tell him they gave us two BULBS of garlic and each of those would have ten to twenty cloves of garlic inside. The clove was the little moon-shaped thing inside that he had to peel individually.

I then said that perhaps they didn’t over garlic their recipes. He agreed.

I have now had several days of a therapeutic dose of garlic. We’ll see what tonight brings.

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